Property insurance experts iInsure365 operate throughout the UK. They wanted to be the go-to brand, which meant creating a really clear message that says exactly what they want it to.

The Brief

Attention grabbing update to established brand and website

Updating a popular brand is always a challenge, but we rose to it and knocked it out of the park on this project. We modernised, simplified and made sure we capitalised on everything that was already great about the company, right down to its SEO.

The Brand

Same same, but different

Understandably, with a good reputation and a loyal customer base, ilnsure365 weren’t that keen on making dramatic changes. Why mess with a classic, right?

But mess with it we did, (just the right amount), so that the brand built on everything it had already established. This included updating the fonts, making sure everything was consistent across the board, and ensuring the colours would appeal to the target audience.


The Website

One of the seven wonders?

This website is a wonder to behold, (even though we say so ourselves). But don’t just take our word for it, if you’re curious it’s well worth checking out.

The news pages were an important addition as they help position the company as experts. As mentioned, the SEO from the site it replaced has stayed in place, having been transferred across for optimum results.

We also manage the company’s email address and subscribers on an ongoing basis, as well as running marketing campaigns on their behalf to boost traffic.



The Results

On the up and up (and up)

Visits to the website have significantly increased and conversion rates have improved dramatically, which has meant more business for iInsure365 and a very happy customer for Dogfish Design. Feedback from customers on both the website and rebranding has been resoundingly positive.


Dogfish Design made light work of our brief, finishing efficiently without ever letting any standards skip, as well they should not. We are a friendly business that deserves all the success this website will bring.

Mark Harrington – Director