Need a stunning new brand for your company?

We can develop this for you, from initial concepts through to company stationery and brand guidelines.

Logo Design & Branding

Your logo design is the first thing customers judge you on and it is crucial to make a good impression!

Whether it’s a new business looking for a brand new logo or an existing one that needs a facelift we can provide a professional and creative design service to make sure that yours is the business that people remember.

Professional logo design will make your business more profitable

It doesn’t matter how great your company or service is, if your logo and branding doesn’t match up and reflect your business then you are likely to have problems. This may sound extreme but if you are attracting the wrong audience then you will be wasting your valuable time and money.

We will research your business and find out exactly what you need so we can design a logo that works for you and performs effectively for your business.

Logo Design Process

We always stick to the same process when designing a logo, to ensure that the final design meets all of the requirements.
This process delivers the best results and helps to boost your businesses potential.



The first thing we will do before we start to do any design work is find out about you and your company. We will need to know as much information as possible to enable us to portray your business in the best possible light and to target the right audience.


When we start to work on the concepts we will initially sketch out any ideas on paper before moving onto the computer to develop them further. We will provide 3 totally original concepts to give you a range of options to move onto the next stage of the process.



From the 3 concepts we can then start to really refine the logo to get it nailed down to your final design. We will experiment with as many different options and give you as many revisions as you need until you’re 100% satisfied with your final logo.



Once the design has been finalised we will provide you with the logo in a range of file formats for you to use on all your marketing material. Both print and online, you will have all you need to get your new logo out there… but we are still on hand to help if you have any issues.

Latest branding projects

Company Stationery Design

It’s crucial to make the right first impression when dealing with your customers and your business stationery is a great way to grab their attention and make them take notice.

We can provide you with a full package of company stationery, including business cards, letterheads, compliments slips and any other corporate documents that you may need. Not only do we create the designs but we can manage all of the printing for you to make sure you get the end product that will really work for you.

Deliver a consistent message

Every brand, from the smallest website or startup, to corporate giants such as Nike or McDonald’s, need a set of branding guidelines and rules to maintain their identity. These guidelines govern every aspect of communication from the company. The brand guidelines are the basis for all interactions on behalf of a company – personal communications, advertising and design.

We can create a brand guidelines for any business that will enable you to deliver your brand message consistently in every single piece of marketing material and build brand recognition with your customers.

Get started on your new logo… right now.

If you are interested in working together, send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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