Section 1: why a professional web designer is a must

One of the biggest concerns that most small business owners have is the advertising and marketing that their business does. Many of the traditional forms of advertising, such as newspapers, are all but ineffective these days due to the age of internet marketing. The best way for you to get your business name out there to the masses is by having a professional website built. A website will allow you to tell a mass number of people what you do and how they can benefit from it. The first thing we will cover in this guide is why having a professional website, complete with ecommerce CRM software is vital.

Increase your conversion rate

One of the biggest benefits of having a professional website built by a web designer is that it will help to increase your conversion rate. The more aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate that your website is, the more customers you will inevitably. Many studies have shown that you get around ten seconds to catch someone’s eye with your website, so be sure that you take that in to account when you are choosing the design you want for your particular site.

The credibility factor

Having a well-designed and professional looking website will also help to increase the amount of credibility that you have in the eyes of the visitors to your site. The more credibility that you appear to have, the more potential customers will trust you. The more trust that you can instantly gain from a potential customer; the easier it will be to get their business. The money that you pay a professional web designer for their work will be more than worth it in the end. Be sure to do some research in order to get the best web designer in your area.

Heightened customer convenience

Another benefit that a professional web designer can bring you is a heightened level of customer convenience. In this day of instant gratification, many people want to find out everything the need to about a business from the privacy of their own home. The more information that you can give visitors to your site, the better off you will be in the long run. You need to make sure that the designer puts in separate links for all of the pertinent information that you want to offer visitors to your business site.

Section 2: how to make your website look better

The way that your website is designed, the colors and fonts that are used, the placement of images and every other visible element can play a role in the success – high conversion, low bounce rates – and failure – low sales and high abandonment – of your website.

If you want to be certain that the visitors your site will leave right as they arrive, then you should make it a challenge to find what they are searching for and include a large number of confusing and distracting graphic. However, if you want to create a web design that will get visitors to stay around longer and actually make a purchase, use the tips found here.

Create a professional logo and create a home page link

A crucial part of your business’s brand is ensuring that your logo is able to be easily seen. Be sure that you use a quality image and that it is featured on the upper-left corner of each page. You should also ensure that all pages with your logo link back to the site’s home page.

Use easy to understand navigation

Most websites feature their navigation menu that runs horizontally at the top portion of the website. This makes them easy to find and use for your website visitors. You should also create secondary navigation controls that are under the first navigation bar, or on the left side of your site. These provide highly visible navigation buttons that allows users to easily find their way from page to page.

Eliminate clutter

It is also a good idea to eliminate any unnecessary images, gifs or other graphics that may cause the attention of your visitors to be taken from what you and your site offers. When people are visiting a website, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. If you have too many distracting elements on a page, it can cause them to miss what you have to offer or why they should use their services. Keeping clutter down will allow you to target what you want a visitor to do next.

Section 3: mistakes to avoid with your website

When someone comes to your website, the first thing they will encounter is the design. If it is confusing, difficult to look at or just unappealing, chances are this will be the last time they visit. When you create a readable, clean and easy to navigate site, your visitors will not only come back time and time again, they will also click through your content to see what all you have to offer. Having things like Ecommerce CRM Software in place will allow you to create a Cinergy in your content and have a higher degree of success.

The key to this type of response is to avoid some of the most common web design mistakes, which can be found here.

Content that is unclear

Visitors need to arrive on your site and understand right away what the purpose is. If you have a homepage that is confusing or misleading, the visitor will navigate to another page that offers them what they need. It is essential that you implement simple, clean text on your homepage in a central and visible area that will let everyone know what to do next.

Over doing it with advertising

Excessive ads can irritate your visitors. They can also make your site appear unprofessional. Additionally, depending on the source of the ads, you may find that a competitor’s ad is being put on your website. The extra few bucks earned by the ads is not worth losing a potential customer, which is why it is a good idea to eliminate them altogether.

Overly complex graphics

While flash animations or gifs may be tempting to place on your website – avoid them like the plague! This causes the design to appear cluttered and completely unprofessional. When you present a clean website to your visitor, they will know what you offer and not be distracted by a dancing balloon in the corner. Also, if you put excessive gigabytes of design content on a page it can take it longer to load, which may cause impatient visitors to bounce away prior to even seeing what you have to offer.

Text that is unreadable

It is essential to avoid overly fancy fonts, too much underlining or bolding and unusual or ineffective color choices. Instead, go with a traditional font, in a dark color, on a light background. While this may seem overly simply, you should keep in mind it works. This is because it is readable and will not cause eyestrain or other similar issues. You should also avoid text that is too big or little, or that changes sizes throughout the page.

When it comes to web design mistakes, one of the best ways to avoid them is by utilizing the services of a professional design service. They will create an effective and great looking site that helps you get results.

By taking the time to find out as much as you can about this process and what makes it successful, you will be able to achieve the results that you want. The best way to get the guidance needed is by taking the time to find the right professionals to assist. Getting a feel for what the web design professionals can provide is important in making the right decision.