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Lip Sync Parties are all about having lots of fun! Our team will help direct and choreograph you and your friends as you dance and sing along to your chosen song.

We often start with a fun routine or games to get everyone in the mood. Then, depending how much dancing you want to do, we will either choreograph or direct you through the scenes of your video. Each video will be completely personal to your party and we can either recreate scenes from the original video, or create a whole new twist on it! It’s a totally interactive experience and we welcome everyone’s input as we go along.

Once we’ve finished the filming, all the shots will be professionally edited together after the party into a full video and sent to you on a DVD or over the internet. You and your friends will have an amazing group experience that they can always look back on and a slickly edited video that captures all the fun of the party.

If you’re throwing a party and want an active way to get your friends together for an unforgettable experience, this is the party for you.