How Long Does It Take To Create A Logo?

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One of the most common questions asked of creative departments is why the creation of a logo takes so much time and costs so much money. In short, there are many factors that determine the time and money needed for any particular logo.

The first step when deciding to commission a logo is to evaluate your true need for one. You should ask yourself, “Do I have a valid company? A unique product or campaign?” If the answer is yes, then having a logo might be to your benefit.

A typical logo creation process looks something like this: You communicate your need to an account coordinator from an agency. Next, the coordinator will devise a creative brief and kick off the project with the creative services team. The creative team will begin to brainstorm the project and think through design concepts. It is important to understand that this phase can entail quite a bit of work and time.

Once some solid ideas are achieved, the designer begins creating rough logo versions. From there, the creative department evaluates the progress, narrows down the options and moves forward with a few of the strongest designs, which are refined for your review. Finally, you will meet with the account coordinator and the options are presented. Once you provide feedback, the designer makes revisions, which are then sent to you for approval or additional editing. This process continues until you are pleased with the final result.

When the logo has been completed, the designer will develop standards for logo use. A typical set of standards might include colors, fonts and logo usage guidelines—size, placement, context, etc.—all to ensure the success and consistency of the brand. The designer may create other versions of the logo at this point, such as thumbnail sizes for small usage.

It’s easy to see why a nicely executed logo takes time, attention to detail and clear communication. All this comes with a price, but it should carry a company for a good deal of time, which is worth a substantial investment.